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This Ghosts and Goblins type game takes place in Medievel Europe. Maximo the knight must rescue 6 princesses trapped in 6 towers and defeat a kidnapping demon using swords and scorcery. Maximo can throw his shield like Captain America.


  • More than 40 special abilities, moves and power-ups to discover!
  • Dynamic Changing Environments - With Achille's drill breaking up the land, the game playfields rise, fall, and collapse creating skill based challenges and obstacles.
  • Progressive Character Customization - Each player can customize his character with new skills and abilities. A wide variety of skill and weapon upgrades are available as Maximo progresses through the game.
  • Unique Continue System - Players must collect spirits to earn 'death coins' that can be used to pay off the Grim Reaper and gain continues.
  • Full 3D Worlds - Maximo lives and fights in an expansive, fully realized 3D polygonal world. Level design allows for true 3D movement and interaction.
  • Art Developed by Famed Artist - All of the game characters were designed by Susumu Matsushita, one of Japan's leading artists.
  • Classic Game Play - Maximo is a return to the classic thinking in game play design. It's simple, funand highly addictive and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.
  • Challenge Stages - Advanced players can gain additional challenge stages, rewarding the player with new game play and added abilities.
  • Tutorial System - The action doesn't stop in orderto teach new players how to play. Players will be instructed as the game progresses.
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Don't waste your time OR your money. If you recieved this game for free, use it as a...


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Excuse my language but this si the biggest bitch since the prostitutes in GTA3, you...


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