The Mark of Kri delivers arcade-style fighting, exploration, strategy and stealth. Follow Rau, a heroic warrior unmatched in skill and strength, as he battles through richly detailed environments to discover the truth about his family's dark secret.


The Mark of Kri offers a combat system like no other, in which the player can attack enemies in all directions while performing fluid animated combinations. Whether in stealth or combat mode, players use the right analog stick to "lock-on" to up to nine challengers at a time and can perform numerous dynamically detailed combinations to defeat increasingly persistent enemies. Using four powerful weapons, including a broadsword, bow and arrow, battle axe and the authentic and sacred Taiaha (spear) from New Zealand, Rau must defeat each enemy before advancing to the next area. Selecting targets and using the best weapon and tactic for the situation will take precedence over pure annihilation of the denizens.


  • Realistically gory battles in a cartoon universe
  • Arcade-style fighting, exploration, strategy and stealth
  • Innovative battle system
  • Easy management of multiple foes
  • Deep gameplay, with good replay value

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The Mark of Kri is a game not too many people talk about. I mean, yeah, it was one of...


This game overall is very good. It provides a very decent challenge. Though there are...

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Great graphics, good sound, and superb gameplay make MoK a solid game for anybody's...


The game takes you through nine different levels, where inbetween each you will learn...


Well the mark of kri is a great game. There is a new style of fighting and lots of...


Overall this is a great game.Needs alot more levels and weapons though(only has six...


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Unlike some of its competitors in the console industry,...


This game is a highly unique experience and is based on quite an original idea. You...


Well, I pretty much summed it up in the good part, the game delivers as being very...

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