Manhunt Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.2/10

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Manhunt Reviews

website score publish date
Game Chronicles Magazine 8.7/10 Feb 02 '04
Gamer's Hell 8.5/10 Feb 05 '04
Thunderbolt 8/10 Dec 03 '03
Game Revolution B Dec 24 '03
Gamespot 8.3/10 Apr 20 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Nov 26 '03
IGN PS2 8.5/10 Nov 18 '03
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Manhunt Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Aug 22 '03
IGN PS2 Oct 30 '03
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Game Revolution on Dec 24 '03

"’s pretty darn fun running for your life. It just gets a little boring."

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Gamespot on Nov 20 '03

"Manhunt is an audacious game that backs up its extremely violent subject matter with solid stealth action gameplay."

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Gamespy on Dec 03 '03

"The team that brought us GTA3 and Vice City takes mature gaming to the next level. Take on the role of James Earl Cash in a sick game of kill-or-be-killed. Bring on the Manhunt!"

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IGN PS2 on Aug 25 '03

"We're looking forward to the challenge, the dark sickness and perhaps even the perversity of the game, in all its detached voyeuristic glee."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 31 '03

"More than anything, Manhunt is a tense, nerve-wracking experience filled with beatings and gruesome deaths. Definitely an M-rated game. And definitely one we want to play more than just a mere two..."

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