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Deep in a quiet forest was a house where a boy and a black cat, known as a Mana, lived. The boy had no relatives, and the cat was his only friend, as close to family he had. The two had lived quietly together. But their quiet life ended with a sudden visit from an outsider. The man who came said he was a teacher at Al-revis Academy, a school that taught alchemy. That was the beginning to his life with his friends at Al-revis. ...and his introduction to Alchemy.


Academic Quests - Players will take on quests that the professor assigns. If you fail your mission, you may have to stay after school. Also depending on who you work with for your assignments, the outcome of the story will change.
Avatar Crafting - Personalize your characters by "crafting" skills and stats instead of just leveling up through combat. Crafting skills and stats allows the player to create unique characters like a warrior that excels in summoning magic or a magician that's an expert at snipe shooting.
Item Crafting - A comprehensive item/weapon crafting system. Create anything from healing potions to swords through alchemy.
Team Crafting - Craft items using your team’s recipe.
Symbol Encounters - No more random encounters. Visually confirm and engage enemies.
Burst Attack - Knock your enemy out and pound them with combo attacks like a fighting game.

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This is a good game.. I love the chain attack.. and of course, FLAY my man kicking anyone ass.. ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlRevis PS2

Mana Khemia, Alchemists of Al-Revis is a 2-Dimensional RPG game for the Playstation 2....

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