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In this Game you control the young red headed boy known as Adel. The story begins with a demon Xenon, The King of Demons who has cursed Adel's hometown where the people are now losing their memories and are changing into demons themselves. As a tragic event from his Mother begins, Xenon's Daughter Rosari has appeared to the world and is quite annoyed at the situation making Adel promise that he'll help her get back home to her Father Xenon. Though on their journey to her Home, Adel has much more on his mind than taking her back to her Father.

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Disgaea 2 plays exactly the same way as Disgaea 1, i.e. totally single-player-affair...

im trying to enter the land of carneg and i have killed prinny baal by etna level 2198 and a master thief level 3064 Disgaea2CursedMemories PS2
My favorite kinda games at one point **** Disgaea2CursedMemories PS2

This is the second game in the Disgaea Series. The first one followed Etna and Laharl....

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