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MLB Baseball continues the series marking another year of improvements to gameplay, with an improved collision system and a player morale system that determines a player's performance.


  • World Baseball Classic Mode: All sixteen teams, logos, and uniforms, as well as the authentic all-world tourney structure.
  • Inside Edge: Three years of actual scouting reports and analysis built into every player
  • Swing Stick: Analog stick batting
  • Pure Motion Physics: An all-new physics engine brings running, throwing, fielding, tag outs, and player-to-player collision animations to life
  • Player Morale System: Successful team decisions and a well-balanced team brings optimal performance to the field and the plate
  • Umpire Challenges: Stand up for your team and challenge close calls when they count the most
  • V.I.P. (Virtual Identity Profile): Save your friends' profiles to compete when they're not available! Learn their tendencies, moves, & logic for more heated battles.
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