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Revenge is the only thing that can erase this hatred... In the land of Efferia, humans and native-Efferians uneasily co-exist in the throes of an endless war. A young man out for revenge against the natives finds a girl who's lost her memories... Where will destiny lead them...? An RPG of unparalleled drama is about to begin...


  • A Japanese-style RPG focused on dramatic storyline
    Aiming at embodying the enjoyment like Console game, Magna Carta will give players peculiar amusement as a multimedia contents.

  • Strong Characters
    You can see attractive characters in Magna Carta. The sarcastic Hero, Calintz, a mysterious girl Adora, the frosty Princess Juclesia, and others. Amazingly beautiful illustrations with characteristic costume.

  • Fusion of oriental and western cultures
    Users can taste unique oriental mood in the world of Magna Carta which has western setting. Characters carry on their lives based on oriental world view think much of spirit and soul. Carta system, fundamentals of Magna Carta, reflects it well.

  • Active Battle system with 3D engine ASURA
    Enhance the enjoyment with splendid effects. ASURA engine, self-developed by Softmax, was designed for optimization of Magna Carta and conversion into console platform.

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