Feel what it’s like to be a field general making key personnel decisions on both sides of the ball during the game’s biggest moments in Madden NFL 08. Quickly identify your strongest players on the field before every snap then move them into position to make game-changing momentum-altering plays. Play to your team’s strengths by immediately reading your opponent’s schemes and reacting to the action as soon as the ball is snapped. Create mismatches and exploit weaknesses as you read and react with Madden NFL 08.


  • All-New Read and React System: New player skill icons identify on-field strengths and weaknesses, providing an immediate read on what your opponent is giving you. Quickly react, create mismatches, and exploit opponent weaknesses before every play.
  • All-New Front Office Mode: Take full control of every aspect of an NFL franchise. Construct a state-of-the-art stadium, set concession prices, hire your coaching staff, draft players, and manage the entire operation from the top down to build your dynasty.
  • Your Ring of a Champion: Increase your Madden Gamer Level to help create and customize your own in-game championship ring.
  • Madden Unmatched: All-new player moves, including auto-motion, backward passes and low-hitting tackles, plus ultra-smooth gameplay provide the most realistic NFL gaming experience ever. Control receivers and make spectacular catches or key possession receptions, or roam the secondary and jar the ball loose with big hits and ball-stripping tackles.

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Jul 28, 11 5:05am
My first Madden on the 360 is a great one. MaddenNFL08 PC
Oct 14, 10 7:28pm
My dad finished it not me... I don't play it. Wayy too confusing. MaddenNFL08 DS
Nov 30, 09 2:59pm
Played mostly first player, I liked 07 better. MaddenNFL08 DS
Jun 25, 09 4:07pm
I don't hate this game... but 05 was better for the record. MaddenNFL08 DS
Dec 06, 08 10:19am
6/10 MaddenNFL08 DS
Jun 25, 08 5:28am
I like to play this game! MaddenNFL08 DS
Jun 25, 08 5:28am
I like to play this game! MaddenNFL08 DS
Mr 182
Jun 18, 08 10:20am
Good MaddenNFL08 DS
Apr 22, 08 5:03am
not 4 sale MaddenNFL08 DS
Jan 20, 08 11:38pm
KICKS ASS 4.5/ MaddenNFL08 DS
Big Boss
Oct 15, 07 7:28pm
added a cheat
Aug 18, 07 6:25am
added 7 new screenshots
Aug 17, 07 6:55pm
added a cheat
Jul 01, 07 2:50am
This is going to be good. MaddenNFL08 DS
Jun 25, 07 2:09am
Cant wait... MaddenNFL08 DS
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