In its 14th year, Madden NFL Football once again proves its status as the undisputed leader in authentic NFL football simulation. With a primary focus on in-game graphics, incredible depth, visual presentation, and tournament tested gameplay, this season Madden NFL 2004 continues to demonstrate why it's the definitive interactive sports gaming experience. New features include revolutionary Playmaker Control that lets gamers adjust on the fly just as NFL players do and deep Owner Mode options.


  • New Playmaker Control: Make pre-snap adjustments to your receiver routes, direct receiver routes during a scramble, direct blocking down field during a run, or read the offense to deliver a crushing tackle.

  • New, Deep Owner Mode: Hire your own staff, set your team's ticket prices, build your own stadium, reward key players with signing bonuses and boost player attributes in Mini-Camp drills.

  • Knockout Graphics and Presentation: Enjoy new broadcast quality effects; keep your players on the field during the play-calling screen; and watch all the highlights in split-screen replay and revel in new player accuracy details like dreadlocks, tattoo replicas, and four new helmet styles.

  • Most Realistic NFL Playbooks Ever: Tons of new trick plays, multiple formation variations, and the deepest NFL playbooks from all 32 officially licensed Coaches Club Head Coaches.

  • Stadium Builder: Using graphical building tools, choose from multiple pieces to build your fully customized home field with over 17 billion combinations-put scoreboards, luxury boxes, and tunnels, where you want them.

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Downward Spiral
Oct 30, 08 10:17pm
Ehh. Same as every Madden. Dont know why I felt I needed one. MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Aug 19, 06 11:24am
Meh MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Jan 08, 06 7:58am
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Big Boss
Dec 28, 05 4:09am
Outdated MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Oct 02, 05 7:49pm
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Break Down The Walls
Jan 04, 05 11:27pm
You gotta love this MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Oct 20, 04 5:49pm
8/10 MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Sep 02, 04 10:02pm
None MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Dubble ow sevon
Aug 06, 04 2:22pm
added a cheat
Jul 19, 04 6:35am
i wont be sellin this sorry MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Jul 02, 04 1:16am
good MaddenNFL2004 PS2
Mar 27, 04 8:25pm

This game is so amazing. If you like football and own a PS2, you had better get Madden...

Italian mafia
Mar 20, 04 6:33pm
added a cheat
Feb 05, 04 1:30pm

If you like any of the EA sports titles, this is the one to have. All of the magazines...

Jan 01, 04 10:36pm

All-in-all, this is an EXCELLENT game. The best football simulation out there by far,...

Dec 31, 03 9:29am

The franchise mode was awsome, You configured prices on eveything from adverticing to...

Nov 02, 03 5:53am
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Oct 21, 03 9:31pm
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