Madden NFL 2001 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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Madden NFL 2001 Reviews

website score publish date
Core Magazine A- Dec 08 '00
DigitalSports 95% Nov 02 '00
Game Revolution A- Jan 15 '01
GameCenter 8/10 Oct 25 '00
Gamepen 5/5 Jan 22 '01
Gamer's Pulse 90/100 Nov 27 '00
Gamespot 7/10 Sep 02 '00
Happy Puppy 8.5/10 Nov 08 '00
IGN PS2 9/10 Oct 23 '00
Planet PS2 90% Nov 03 '00
PSX Extreme 9/10 Oct 26 '00
PSXNation 8/10 Nov 16 '00
Sports Gaming Network 83% Nov 15 '00
Total Videogames 9/10 Nov 28 '00
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Madden NFL 2001 Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Aug 16 '00
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Game Revolution on Jan 26 '01

"Simply put, Madden 2001 will provide you (and up to three of your friends via a Multitap) with many hours of great fun. While is may not break the mold of the genre, it does sit at the top of its..."

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Gamespot on Sep 22 '00

"The flaws in the passing and running game prevent Madden 2001 from being completely enjoyable or realistic."

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IGN PS2 on Aug 17 '00

"However, while the game does look great in still shots, it just doesn't come close to seeing the game in motion. The player animation is so good and realistic physics have been implemented so..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 30 '00

"The one thing that this game does better than other football games, including previous releases in the series, is its realistic physics model..."

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PSX Extreme on Feb 09 '01

"Madden NFL 2001 is indeed better than Sega's NFL 2K1 in nearly every single way, the game offers much better gameplay, better collision physics, AI, graphics, more options, and a deeper game..."

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