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Larry Cum Laude! College is tough for Larry - between classes, fraternities, and odd jobs there's hardly time for parties and chasing girls. So when a dating show comes to campus, Larry knows that getting on TV is his best chance ever to lay more than groundwork. Can Larry get on TV, get the girl, and not flunk out of college? It's all up to you in Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.


  • Experience college through the eyes of America's most lovable loser, as he attempts to score with women at college.
  • Explore 25 different locations including college campus and adjoining parts of town.
  • Recreate hilarious college moments, Larry style, from streaking across campus to frat parties to flirting with freshmen girls.
  • Develop a relationship or interact with 15 sexy female characters.
  • Create custom conversations in real time as you speak with any character in the game - be funny or fresh if you like.
  • Over 12 types of mini-games, including Quarters, Tapper, Trampoline, Whack-a-mole, and more.
  • More than 90,000 words of dialogue all in real time.
  • Experience the funniest, sexiest gameplay that only Leisure Suit Larry games deliver.
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this game will blow you away! 18 and over! LeisureSuitLarryMagnaCumLaude Xbox

1 of the funniest games i played this yr of course also the nude! yum! lol but if ure...


ok if your very dang good at games but it is kinda hard gameplay sucks cause of...

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