LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Own / Want List

Username Comments
supreme None
I love star wars A REALLY great game.
Tommo Very Good
StormierDylan None
Andy10003 None
Sindrak None
AdamHill None
Joshua Mackley None
Lightice only got into it because of james, its allright tbf
Squealer13 None
yugiRULER Very good game, just as good as the first.
InabyamaCastle Guard None
Pandmaster 100x better than the original, which was still awesome!
Storm None
Shiny None
Jstar59 None
hbn None
Cursd Sasuke Uchiha need money
RedNeck Dragon101 None
Scott 1 None
Gamesta100 None
nasty nappa None
BradWest96 None
Roy94 None
Darkness1000 None
pokedex7 None
PR_sith93 None
overcheater None
sponge72 None
McAfreak None
new_age_sith None
Mightyena392111 None
gamemaste great game
rjlefty96 None
rocketRD None
final slayer just showing
Kubrick None
Darth_Death101 None
Diego392817 None
Psymonsays78 None
sllllotb None
shango_113 None
rougvie83 None
Rubix64 None
GoBraves95 None
Ryu Iraki None
Jesus None
cade112 None