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Lang is the main character and a rookie militiaman residing in the desert village of Nohl. Nohl's water supply is provided by a magical crystal that is stolen one day by an evil man named Avalon. With the water crystal gone, the village of Nohl is shrouded in a perpetual eclipse that strengthens the evil creatures that inhabit the land and causes them to proliferate more quickly. To save his village, Lang bravely sets forth to parts unknown to hunt down Avalon and retrieve the water crystal.


  • Utilize special attack combos with the Tactical Arts System - a unique battle system never before seen in the RPG genre.
  • Combine weapons and items to create new and more powerful weapons, tools, and items.
  • Call on elemental forces to battle enemies, heal injured friends, and destroy barriers.
  • Add hours of gameplay with multiple side-missions and mini games including darts, slot machines, and roulette.

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I LOVED the battle system in this game, absolutely brilliant. Cool characters too. Legaia2DuelSaga PS2
Legend of Legaia(PSX) was better but Legaia 2 is still a great RPG!! Legaia2DuelSaga PS2

Legaia2 : Dual saga is the second game in series of Legaia Games(the first one was on...


This game was released in Japan almost a year before
being released here, which...


i really dont compare thiss game to final fantasy x because i beaten leagaia twice and...


Overall-This is only my opinoin....GET THIS GAME. rent it first though, cause this may...


I found this game to follow some nice traits of the Super Nintendo RPGs. With a more...


I am a fan of the first Legend of Legaia as it was one of the first RPGs I...


Well the reason why I purchased this game, was because of my experience with the first...


Whenever you consider an adventure game, everyone looks to Final Fantasy for guidance....

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