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Average Review Score: 6.9/10

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Nightshade Reviews

website score publish date
Gamer's Hell 6.8/10 Mar 07 '04
Gamespot 7.9/10 Feb 10 '04
Gamespy 3/5 Feb 10 '04
IGN PS2 7.0/10 Feb 06 '04
Total Playstation 7/10 Feb 22 '04
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Nightshade Previews

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IGN PS2 Jan 22 '04
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Gamespy on Feb 11 '04

"Shinobi, that love-it-hate-it icon of hardcore notoriety, finally gets a sequel. This time, though, normal humans have a better chance of enjoying it."

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IGN PS2 on Jan 23 '04

" fills a certain desire to bash things and to do so real quick like."

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IGN PS2 on Feb 09 '04

"If you thrive on super unforgiving titles that'll make you rip live hamsters in half with your bare teeth out of agonizing frustration -- and you simply have to have every ninja game on the planet,..."

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