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An accursed idol said to be the downfall of an ancient city has appeared once again in the kingdom of Heladin. An expedition to return the idol to its former resting place has apparently failed, and now Prince Devian of Azalin somehow finds himself charged with this dangerous task.

King's Field makes its debut on the PS2, sporting 40 areas of exploration, and 100+ kinds of monsters to battle. As Devian, players will explore these areas from a first-person perspective, fighting enemies using a variety of melee and ranged weapons, as well as magical spells. Some weapon types are imbued with their own magical powers which the player can unleash if they know the proper combination of attacks that trigger them.

Players must also overcome traps and puzzles impeding their progress; some paths are not open to players for a great while, at least until they find the means through them later in the journey.

Devian will gain experience as he defeats enemies, gradually making him stronger and more resilient against the horrors that lie within the labyrinthine dungeons of the Ancient City.

King's Field: The Ancient City was the final game in the series released for home consoles before developer From Software shifted its focus to the popular Demon's Souls and Dark Souls series of action RPGs. These can be considered spiritual successors to King's Field as they feature similar elements including non-linear dungeon exploration and survival against powerful enemies.


In the past, ASCII Entertainment (now Agetec) community managers interacted with North American fans of the King's Field series through an old Yahoo Group called "The Verdite Inn." As a special treat for these dedicated fans, various NPCs in The Ancient City were renamed after The Verdite Inn members in the English localization.

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