Kingdom Hearts Own / Want List

Username Comments
alexgamer99 None
RizzyJay None
Dark lucario None
Anastrianna None
Rikuschaos5 Completed! Thirty-sixish hours of play to beat, currently on my 46th hour to finish up 100%!
flamingtunapictures None
angel of blood very good game and story.
chickstar_kiss None
MrX867 None
Saiya None
Renai86 None
Slayerholic17 None
hilol heaps good
khluvr1995 None
Sonic Chao None
sweetheart3 None
Harceru None
shadowsabyss Speechless
acevus None
Red_Phoenix None
DJuzumaki None
FinalFantasyX Girl None
PrincessZelda Beat it!
cartersticks None
Albino_Fro None
Box Queen None
Phil68 best ps2 game i have when i get kingdomhearts 2 i bet that will be better
BlitzerNatu AWSOME
Krunal None
swordwielder None
DarkSpyro_Dragon Best. Game. Ever
Big_Burta None
Hell Fire None
Galodos None
Takanori None
GrEyCrEsT (5/5) Pierced the Heart * The origin of the kingdom hearts. * I highly recommend to PS2 gamers.
Guticb None
Lucky Gamer 100,000,000 out of 10! Get it, play it,beat it,realize its the best game ever!
SerialZero None
Hybrid None
Homunculus Lover None
Sindrak None
InvaderHera None
zelda_link None
Tmac2 None
LiveslikeBeth None
Xaldin None
BlasterMage None
lunarose8 None
cafu2 None