It all begins with a boy named Sora. He leads a carefree life with his friends Kairi and Riku on the beautiful Destiny Islands. One night, just as he was getting ready for bed, a mysterious storm rolls in, shrouding everything in darkness. In the chaos that follows, Sora finds the legendary Keyblade, but is powerless to prevent the storm from scattering everything he knows and loves far and wide.

After a rough ride, the storm deposits him in a strange place called Traverse Town. Fortunately for him, his fall is broken by Donald and Goofy. Not ones to hold a grudge, the three become friends in no time and realise that the tumultuous events on Destiny Islands are connected to some unusual goings-on in Traverse Town and even the disappearance of the King of Disney Castle himself. The whole world is being swallowed by the Darkness, it seems, and it's about time someone did something about it! Now Donald and Goofy are reminded of the King's final instructions to them, that they must find the one who holds the "Key". Surely it can't be a coincidence that the very boy who fell from the sky had been chosen to bear the Keyblade? And so their Quest begins.

What a quest it turns out to be. The trio journey through countless strange and exotic worlds, meeting ever stranger and more exotic folk along the way, and after healthy dose of battling, puzzling and honest-to-goodness adventuring, they find the King and Riku. Thus reunited, they form a plan to save the world. Sora must use the Keyblade to close the door to the Darkness. Simple, right? Well no, actually. When the time comes, Sora finds that closing the door to the Darkness will mean sealing the King and Riku on the other side! Sora must choose between saving the world and saving his friends.

Knowing what he must do, Sora puts his shoulder to the door, and places his faith in the King's last words - that there will always be a door to the light.

As one adventure ends, another begins...


Kingdom Hearts is a one-player RPG where you play as a four-teen year old boy named Sora. Interact with one hundred Disney and a few Final Fantasy characters. Battle the "Heartless" a shadow like creature who are after the legendary weapon called "The Keyblade" and its wielder "Sora". Sora's goal is to save his friends "Riku and Kairi" and lock all of the keyholes in every Disney world


  • Final Fantasy-style role-playing in Disney environments.

  • Over a hundred Disney characters.

  • Guest appearances by characters from the Final Fantasy series.

  • Gorgeous, animation-style graphics.

  • Real-time combat.

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The Introduction:
The idea of a Disney and Final Fantasy crossover RPG.. I have to admit, it...


So with the new release of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, I thought I should go over and review this...


Everybody has a favorite from their childhoods, whether it's Space Invaders, Pitfall,...

this game is more than just something to play. i have very nice memories about when i was younger... KingdomHearts PS2
I still need a PS2 to play this. -.-' KingdomHearts PS2
If you don't like the kingdom Hearts series, then you aren't human KingdomHearts PS2
kingdom hearts are my fav nd best out of all games!!!!!!!XD KingdomHearts PS2
journal: 100% other stuff: 99% KingdomHearts PS2
best ps2 game i have when i get kingdomhearts 2 i bet that will be better KingdomHearts PS2
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