Kingdom Hearts II Websites

Oct 15,2004 By: ITANI
One of the best sites to get KH2 information from.
Sep 01,2004 By: who_me_2002
Jun 30,2007 By: Fluidity
Jun 30,2006 By: kh2kid_02
your ultimate source for kingdom hearts videos
Dec 17,2005 By: ITANI
A site based on KHII. It's daily updated and has all the latest KHII information.
Aug 03,2005 By: TUMOG
A great Kingdom Hearts site, with all the latest news, information, media, and more for Kingdom Hearts 2 and the rest of the Kingdom Hearts games.
Aug 09,2004 By: Mr Sponget
This site has lots of info on the Kingdom Hearts games.
Jun 30,2006 By: Fluidity
A great website with tons of information media, and more!
Mar 03,2008 By: fitted
Mar 23,2005 By: battleboy645
Mar 25,2008 By: kaijudo
The official Kingdom Hearts II website for the European version of the game.
Nov 21,2004 By: Krunal
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