Based off the 2004 movie, King Arthur is set in the realities of the era in which Arthur is alleged to have lived. Romans occupy much of Britain and Druidism is widely present. Arthur's challenge is to unite all the knights roaming throughout the land and establish law and order upon a land that has fallen into anarchy.


Players take control Guinevere or of one of four Knights of the Round Table--Arthur, Bors, Lancelot, or Tristren. Missions are drawn from the film and legend and are playable single or co-op. Combat is played out on foot or on horseback.


  • Costumes, sets, and scenery from the film
  • Play as Arthur, Lancelot, Tristren, Bors or Guinevere.
  • Single and Co-Op play in game missions
  • The fighting action is bolstered with motion capture work and a heavy production values that are supposed to seamlessly blend the movie into the game, and vice versa.
  • Gamers can also knight while on horseback as well as on foot.
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