Kinetica is a futuristic arcade-style racing game. When Kinetic Skins - which are scientifically advanced exoskeletons - fuse with humans they gain excessive speed, agility, and the ability to adhere to any surface. There are 12 unique tracks with aggressive opponents ready to challenge you.


  • Internally developed, designed and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studio.
  • Experience pure arcade-style racing with futuristic speed and total maneuverability.
  • Integrate into one of six types of Kinetic Skins, each engineered for racing in diverse environments.
  • Articulated animations capture the gracefulness of human agility and the intricacies of Kinetic Suit engineering.
  • Opponents create intense rider-to-rider interaction delivering the essence of a Kinetic race: COMPETITION!
  • Kinetic skins transition into different modes gaining enhanced speed, heightened maneuverability, or increased flexibility for aerial stunts.
  • Race through 12+ tracks in six futuristic environments consisting of ultra-modern architecture fused with alien technology.
  • Explore alternative routes not only in the form of multiple paths, but wall-riding and gravity-defying ceiling runs that give the competitive edge to those with imagination and intestinal fortitude.
  • Perform dramatic stunts including death-defying air tricks as well as acrobatic ground maneuvers at breakneck speeds.
  • Apply racing tactics, such as drafting and blocking to increase Kinetic Skin speed and performance.
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I love the game Kinetica. It has everything. Awsome looking charecters, Gymnastics,...

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