The 3rd installment of the popular historical battle simulation game series. This time the story will take place in medieval Japan, where you play as Oda Nobunaga in his youth, to battle and conquer the land.


The gameplay has changed with more focus on action and strategy than historical simulation. You can give tactical commands to the troops in real time, and player can intervene the battle scene directly, by fighting directly in the battlefield. There is a growth element, you can freely promote the generals and purchase armors and reinforcements. There are over 450 kinds of commodities in the game. An evolved crowd control engine is used in the game, you can see over 500 fully animated characters on screen simultaneously. Kessen III also features orchestra music from famous composers in Japan.


  • A completely new, action-packed gameplay experience with real-time combat.
  • The new Crowd Engine enables all stages of battle to take place in full 3D.
  • 13 Chapters and over 50 stages of battle.
  • Devastating Ninja attacks summon incredible beasts of war.
  • Use Coordinated Attacks to rout the enemy.
  • Charge the battlefield with various units including a swift cavalry or speedy ninja.
  • Use a Raid to take on enemy soldiers one by one.
  • Enter the War Council to plan marching routes, choose officers to take into battle, and determine battle policies.
    Cultivate officers to improve their combat skills.
  • Customize your officers with over 450 weapons, helmets, samurai armor, and other items that improve an officer's stats.
  • A deep and compelling story unfolds through over 120 combined minutes of movie sequences.
  • Non-linear stage selection lets you plan each campaign- a first for the series!
  • Majestic battlegrounds with commanding views of Mt. Fuji, and the mighty iron ships at the mouth of the Kizu River.
  • A stirring musical score from legendary composer Reijiro Koroku.

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by far the best strategy game I've played on the ps2 console stunning dispay of gaming genius 9/10 Kessen3 PS2
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Kessen III is the like it says, the 3rd of a not so well known strategy series from...

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