The sequel to Kessen has another epic storyline and huge battles. Gameplay, strategy and schemes is similar to that of Kessen. Up to 500 soldiers are viewable onscreen. The incredibly large battlfields feature night missions and air and water battles.


  • New Technology allows for 500 soldiers on-screen at once – 5x more than the original
  • Experience battles firsthand – control generals and give orders at the squad level!
  • 3x the number of stages! Besiege castle walls, battle aboard moving ships, and
  • stampede across open plains in 30 new stages!
  • New weapons, tactics, and troops including elite-Horsemen and Elephant Cavalry!
  • Devastating new Elemental Attacks including tornadoes, lightning strikes, and meteor showers!
  • 8x the number of event sequences immerse you into this powerful epic!

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great sequel to the original and twice as long more troops more maps I think its great 9/10 Kessen2 PS2
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Okay. Some people say its so rubbish that you might aswell use it as toilet paper...


Kessen II is the sequel to the strategy game Kessen which I had played before this...


This game is fun if you get it. I don't like the fact that in this game battles are...


This is a game you don't want! Stale, boring and a barrel of pure rubbish. They don't...


This game is a good buy, but some find it utterly stupid. The annoying special weapons...


Special Attacks On The Game Are Just Breathtaking As are the fighting sceenes.The Land...


It's hard to kill people but it's fairly easy in siege attacks i don't know why it...


This is truely a great game. They could of made the stratigic part better but it was...

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