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In this traditional samuri game, players must develop their skills and establish their reputation in the Emperor's Tournament. Increase your honor through decorum and technique in battle. There is a training mode in which you can practice with students.


  • Samurai fighting game
  • Choose your fighter from cast of characters, each with different story line
  • Develop your character's physical and mental skills
  • Samurai Reputation system scores you on your honor and technique in battle
  • Game modes include training, street battle, imperial tournament, survival battle, and head-to-head

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At the beginning everything is fine. Learn & fight...
After winning the first Imperial...


Holy sh*t a new bushido blade! These where my first words when the cover of Kengo had...


Yes fans of Kengo, the sequel to the game is out now in Japan. Its looking more...


My favorite game ever besides Chrono Trigger for the SNES


On the whole a great Samurai simulation for those prefer a more realistic fight game...


If you're thinking that this is Bushido Blade 3 - it's not. Gone are the death moves -...


Easy to learn, difficult to master. A Great 2 player game. Slice & Dice

Well okay, not quite, but Crave Entertainment is promising that Lightweight's sword-fighting game is the most... posted Jan 03, 01 2:03am

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