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The galaxy is in turmoil as the events of Star Wars: Episode II rapidly approach. Mace Windu dispatches one of the Council's top Jedi - Adi Gallia - to investigate disturbances in the Karthakk system, as a secessionist movement threatens to expand. Using the Republic's new prototype Jedi starfighter, Adi Gallia sets out on missions which lead into events depicted in the Star Wars: Episode II film.


  • Sneak peek at Star Wars: Episode II thrills! Fly the new Jedi starfighter and get a preview of characters, story connections, craft a key location and clues to events from the film.

  • Force powers in flight. Capabilities that no pilot, craft or weapon has previously possessed -- Force lightning, Force shield, Force reflex and shock wave.

  • Single and dual player action in over 20 story-based missions. Fly all missions co-op with a friend - or in single-player mode - in a variety of craft.

  • Continuation of popular STAR WARS Starfighter series. Graphics, effects and performance enhancements - along with over 40 new craft (including massive capital ships, three new flyable fighters, new enemy craft, and more).

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Spaceships blast by, lightsabers go "wum" and the villain has a scarred face... yes,...


This really good game is full of action, the main weapon which is unlimited lazers...


This is one of the best star wars shooters ever, second only to the Rouge Squadron...


I hadn't bought the original Starfighter but I heard that this game was good, I...


Jedi Starfighter is a pretty good Star Wars game. it has more ships and better...


This game is almost the same as Star Wars Starfighter, except now there are new levels...


The game is really great, there are so many options you can't complete it all in two...


Well, if you must have something to do with Episode II before it is released, then buy...

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