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Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Jak II Reviews

website score publish date
GameLemon 9.3/10 Feb 16 '04
Into Liquid Sky  --- Oct 21 '03
Solinari Gaming 90% Oct 23 '03
Game Revolution A- Oct 24 '03
Gamer's Hell 8.9/10 Nov 15 '03
Gamespot 9.1/10 Oct 14 '03
Gamespy 2/5 Oct 14 '03
IGN PS2 9.5/10 Oct 09 '03
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Jak II Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Aug 15 '03
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Game Revolution on Oct 27 '03

"Some camera issues and stretches of inactivity mar the shine, but this is still about as good as the genre gets."

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Gamer's Hell on Nov 17 '03

"Naughty Dog’s latest game is a very enjoyable title, yet no masterpiece – for this it has too many flaws in various aspects of the game."

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IGN PS2 on Aug 18 '03

"...this game is far and above a different creature, a better game, than its predecessor. With the storyline, killing missions and an enormous mixture of shooting, racing and exploring injected into..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 10 '03

"...the story is what drives this game forward, but it's the perfect blend of platforming elements and action-shooting that are so good, feel so right -- and with guns that feel so good -- that in..."

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