Featuring advanced technology and characters both familiar and new, Jak II is a true plot-driven adventure game, where every mission has a direct effect on the storyline. With stunning graphics and animations, Jak II takes gamers on a journey through an enormous mystical world, darker than they have experienced before, as an immersive tale unfolds.


Jak is back with guns, hovercrafts, a jet board and more. Jak II is an one-player action game where you can use strategic plans or you can run in there and attack with all you got. You can go through the storyline and complete the missions or you can take a break and complete the side missions and play mini games and races. Even if all that is completed you can still explore each area of Haven City and try to unlock all the secrets.


  • Futuristic adventure with mission based gameplay.

  • Take control of Jak and fight your way through hordes of enemies.

  • 4 powerful weapons and a new concept that allows Jak to hop in and out of vehicles including a hoverboard.

  • Ability to meet fantastic characters with incredible AI.

  • 1 Player game-action only.

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Played as a criminal more so than actually doing the quests n stuff. Jak2 PS2
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