Jak is banished to the wastelands after all the trouble he had caused. Luckily, Jak & Daxter make it to Spargus city where other citizens of Haven city have been banished to. Jak makes new friends and enemies, and some may perish. Thus, Jak begins his newest adventure.


Jak can travel through the desert in a dune buggy each with it's own features. Jak can also travel on Leapers, lizards who could leap through the air. Jak still can transform into Dark Jak but also has a new light power, Light Jak. With Light Jak you can use his wings to fly, summon barriers, and heal Jak. You also have your 4 guns from Jak II each with two upgrades. As you progress throughout the game you have more access to Haven City and the hovercrafts.


  • The new Wasteland features a desert with multiple areas, including a mine, volcano and the desert city of Spargus that is home to fierce inhabitants.
  • Vehicles play a large role in the game as Jak and Daxter will unlock a variety of vehicles, including off-road transportation. Also features complex, simulated vehicle physics and come equipped with weapons.
  • Not only will players take on the role of Jak, they can also play as Daxter, who has an extended role within the game during level-specific areas.
  • Now that Jak has been exposed to Light Eco, players can transform themselves into Light Jak, with amazing new abilities including a move that allows Jak to glide with the addition of large angelic wings.
  • Dark Jak powers also return, as Jak must find a balance between Light Eco and Dark Eco.
  • All of Jak's weapons from Jak II return with the addition of two devastating upgrades for each gun type.
  • Haven City has changed dramatically since players last seen it. After a Metal Head attack destroyed the palace and demolished the majority of the city, players will notice some major aesthetic differences that will alter gameplay.
  • The Titan Suit and Jetboard return to provide Jak and Daxter additional ways to get around their dangerous surroundings.
  • Jak 3 feature new technology including Ragdoll Physics, which will allow gamers to observe a unique death for each enemy that is killed, cloth dynamics, Wasteland terrain renderer, revamped spooling and memory management scheme, and massively overhauled rigid-body physics system

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We start off with the new villain Count Veger banishing Jak to the Wasteland, where Jak has a...

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