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Product Wiki Description: Genki has a new monster-breeding and battling RPG. Jade Cocoon 2 takes place a few hundred years after the original game and has a new hero named Kahu. Kahu's mind has been plagued by 'Kalma' which is driving him to insanity and eventually death. Setting off with the minion he raised he must find the 4 orbs that can take away his 'Kalma'. Command over a hundred minions, and experience a huge number of events in this adventure.
  • A full-featured RPG set in a rich 3D polygonal world
  • ...
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Release Date (North America):Dec 18, 2001 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Jun 14, 2002 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Aug 30, 2001 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
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Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Ubisoft submit new
Developer:Genki submit new
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Alternate Titles:Tamamayu Monogatari 2 (Japan)
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