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Innocent life is obviously similar to Harvest Moon; you plant crops, own farm animals, save your farm form destruction, etc. However, the game is different in the form that it takes place later on in future. Playing as a robot created by Dr. Grain, you must both learn to be human and save the Easter Ruins, a fertile farmland sealed away by the Spirits. But beware: most of the other members of the town don't know that you are a robot. Some condemn you as you try to raise your crop with love and by hand, a method given up in favor of autofarms.
x_men_life and 53 others own Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition
Aug 01, 12 6:27am
believe it or not,when my older.bro bought me this game,I was playing it from 4am till 8am (not kidding) this game is REALLY a game InnocentLifeAFuturisticHarvestMoonSpecialEdition PS2
rojsavan and 6 others played Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Special Edition
Jun 03, 10 10:58pm
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May 31, 10 7:10pm
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Feb 24, 10 9:53am
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Mar 23, 09 2:20pm
Confuseing 4.4/5 InnocentLifeAFuturisticHarvestMoonSpecialEdition PS2
Dec 04, 08 4:27pm
Fun game. Took a wihle to beat the first challenge, and the second .. I have no idea how I'm going to do it at all! InnocentLifeAFuturisticHarvestMoonSpecialEdition PS2
Aug 14, 08 8:20pm
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Jun 27, 08 2:09pm
Very hard to play. InnocentLifeAFuturisticHarvestMoonSpecialEdition PS2
Mar 24, 08 12:07am
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