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The popular hit Harvest Moon: A Wonderful life is now being ported over to the PS2! You now have a choice to marry one of 4 girls, including Lumina who was added to the list. In the PS2 version you can also have either a male or a female child! A new theme song is also being prepared for it.


Gameplay is still the same, just some minor addons such as being able to marry Lumina and get a kid. You can continue your farming life just like you did on HM:AWL for the GameCube. After the last year, you can continue to play the game and build up your farm


  • Build and run a farm while building and living a successful life
  • A brand new Harvest Moon world with 40 new characters
  • Revived marriage system, the ability to raise a child
  • 6 chapters of your life spanning 30 years
  • New system to raise animals and grow vegetables
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