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Harvest Moon, the cult phenomenon farm sim/RPG has been brought into the 3D realm in this PS2 release.


The object of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland is to successfully save the village from being turned into a resort. Construction begins in a year, so you must find a way to save your homeland before that. Unlike previous Harvest Moon titles, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland will offer nine unique ways in which to complete your task. Thus offering nine different endings to the game!

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland focuses more attention on relationships than that of making money. Befriending the people in town is the key to successfully completing your task. There are over 100 different heartwarming events, each one leading to the next. This is the first Harvest Moon title to be in a true 3-D environment. It looks much more realistic, yet it will not lose the cute animation aspect that all Harvest Moon titles are known for.


  • Debuts as the next installment in the Harvest Moon series

  • Save the family farm from a greedy corporation

  • Play as a girl or a boy and select from a wide range of pets

  • All-new minigames, quests, items, and events

  • For 1 player action only

Editor's Note:

A North American release has not been anounced yet.

Added on: April 05, 2001

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mpregangel and 23 others played Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
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I played this game after 7years of it release but it is my 2nd fav.game of the harvest moon HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2

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My very first harvest moon game!!!!!!;) though u cant marry......:( HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
This is an awesome, but it's only downfall is that you can't get married or have any kids. HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
The best for me even it's not really fun...... HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
i beat it once but my friend has it now so i cant proceed HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2

In the year of 2001, Harvest Moon fans who owned a Playstation 2 got their wish: a...

My very first Harvst Moon, it started my addiction to this amazing series!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!! HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
this is my kids game, never played before. HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
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