Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Own / Want List

Username Comments
candyo1965 None
drum94us This game looks so sweet
Jack the Cat None
SunnyDelight None
Princess Carmipoo None
cjmnews None
U_know_who None
Nilwethion None
knight woman None
Aungyk None
rhea9876 None
Narphinean None
Country Girl MINE!
Blackfalcon None
hilol None
imortal_emo None
Dragon7 None
joe p 123 OK
sonyandnintendorule None
DJA9 None
Blue Neon None
jisan74 None
Crystal Rain None
dragon_breaker None
Mk444 None
potter92 None
jcham45 None
natpet24 None
OwhyXohOyouX None
Lenluc None
nano_youngj15 None
tiggerteetsie None
ChrisPerson None
LionsBane None
decxter None
blazeken131 None
Dark Lord Arceus None
superpikmin101 lame
DarshD One of the BEST adventure of Harry Potter!!!!
prince2382 None
wolfiefire None
ThFc1966 None
kmaster_97 None
irishwitch None
cinnibaby1 None
Luna Lovegood None
Speed Demon None
blighst None
bludeflame None
Electrier None