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The .hack franchise will combine an anime series, an episodic dungeon-crawling PS2 game, and four animated features (each volume packaged with each chapter of the game). In the year 2007, players across the world enjoy an online dungeon-hacking game, "The World". Something has gone wrong in this online world, and a player with the handle "Kite" must use his special abilities within the game to uncover the truth behind this. Chat with NPCs "outside" your game to gain important clues.


  • Bring your save data over from Part 2 and hit the ground running in Part 3 with your leveled up characters and items.
  • Simulated MMORPG: no internet connection required!
  • Dual Voiceover: Choose either English or Japanese for a totally immersive experience.
  • Encounter characters from the television series

Editor's Note:

Each volume of the game can be purchased with a volume of a four-part animated feature. Titled, ".hack Vol. 3: Erosion Pollution" in Japan.

Added on: October 21, 2002

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Back in December 2011, Famitsu released an official announcement from CyberConnect2 that confirmed the latest... posted Mar 21, 12 3:08pm

Dec 30, 08 7:58am
added a cheat
Dec 12, 08 6:55am
great game HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Jul 19, 08 4:56pm
Not Complete HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Dec 16, 07 5:56am
has to work HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Dec 05, 05 10:44pm
added a cheat
Jul 25, 05 2:38pm
it was pretty addictive.i beat it in a few days. :P HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Mar 06, 05 4:22am
Great HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Feb 27, 05 4:02pm

The third installation in the .Hack series is fun. I never thought that I would say...

Jan 14, 05 9:27pm

Overall, 2nd best only to the 4th one in my opinion. I like how they continue the flow...

Nov 30, 04 5:38am

In my opinion the best game in the series of .hack.Has the best story and many...

Sep 10, 04 3:14pm
beaten HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Mr Sponget
Sep 02, 04 9:17am
added a cheat
Seto Kaiba
Jul 27, 04 3:15pm
Not For Sale HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Seto Kaiba
Jul 17, 04 7:03am
added 3 cheats
May 02, 04 9:27am

This is one of the hottest games I have played this whole year - superb graphics and a...

Apr 22, 04 6:35am
was kind of short but is was good HackVol3Outbreak PS2
Mar 15, 04 2:19pm

The world is not just a game something with a darker
purpose is using it to manipulate...

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