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Years after the events of the first .hack games, the popular MMORPG "The World" has been resurrected. The story follows Haseo, a "Player Killer Killer" known as the "Terror of Death", a former member of the disbanded Twilight Brigade guild.
He is searching a "Player Killer" known as Tri-Edge, whose victims supposedly are unable to return to "The World" after he PKs them. Haseo's friend, Shino, was attacked six months prior to the events of the game by Tri-Edge, and the player herself, Shino Nanao, was left in a coma. Haseo believes that defeating Tri-Edge is the only way to bring back Shino.


  • Delve deeper into "The World": Featuring an enthralling storyline that builds upon the excitement of the first .hack series.

  • Special items for .hack fans: Utilize your save data from the first .hack series and unlock a special surprise.

  • Realistic interactions: Communicate with your partners using the all-new communication features and an upgraded interface.

  • Hack the game: All new features allow for greater hacking abilities. Manipulate "The World" to your advantage.

  • Strengthen your alliances: Form a guild with other PCs; share information, trade items, and reap the benefits of their knowledge.

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Back in December 2011, Famitsu released an official announcement from CyberConnect2 that confirmed the latest... posted Mar 21, 12 3:08pm

Mar 06, 12 4:41pm
added a cheat
st phase skeith
Mar 27, 10 2:47pm
beat azure kite HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
angel of blood
Mar 22, 10 10:55am
awesome game, but one of my favorites for sure. all the .hack games are my favorite. HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Nov 20, 09 7:23pm
All Items Highest Level Max Weapon Skill All side quests complete Doppelganger defeated HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
tenma no jinsei
Aug 03, 09 1:23pm
Completely finished. Got all the equipment and have left pretty much nothing undone. HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Apr 03, 09 1:28am
A solid game, flaws here and tehre but all games have those, and these aren't so disrupting that you're unable to play the game. HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Jan 22, 09 10:50pm
luv this game!^^ Just like online games...,., watCh oUt 4 dOppleganger, i had nO choice bUt 2 use sMokescreen... HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Dragon Warrior1
Sep 13, 08 11:07pm
Great way to start off a trilogy... HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Jul 19, 08 4:56pm
Complete HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Jul 19, 08 1:40am
Jul 16, 08 7:51am
Baka Neko
Jan 26, 08 11:16pm
Dec 16, 07 5:56am
has to work HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
Oct 21, 07 10:12am
beat it HackGUVol1Rebirth PS2
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