Clip the X-Board onto your analog stick or Dual Shock controller and you're ready for Surfing H3O. This game uses next generation wave modelling physics and features 11 unique characters and 6 surfing environments. Combine tricks for unlimited combinations and surf to the sounds of the latest punk-rock tunes.


  • Compatible with the patentedX-Board controller attachment
  • 11 playable characters each with specific characteristics
  • 6 unique surfing environments
  • Over a dozen aerial tricks which can be linked for unlimited combinations
  • Totally authentic punk rock-powered surf soundtrack courtesy of Hopeless Records
  • Next-generation wave modeling physics

Editor's Note:

Known in Japn as Surfroid.

Added on: November 01, 2000

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JBHarvestmoon owns Surfing H3O
Dec 12, 06 9:01pm
My dad plays this game more that me! SurfingH3O PS2
Wo Daddy Wo
Jun 05, 03 5:44pm
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Apr 16, 01 7:00am
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