Gungrave challenges gamers to kick some serious ass as Grave, a long-dead assassin sent back to earth to annihilate seemingly endless legions of merciless enemies. Players battle their way through massive, destructible areas in over-the-top anime-inspired action, earning insane special attacks and otherworldly power-ups as they embark on a mission of revenge and devastation. Featruing destructible environments, hordes of relentless foes and stunning art by anime legend Yasuhiro Naito.


  • 6 Stages full of destructible environments, disposable enemies, and nightmarish boss battles
  • Use super powered special weapons to demolish your enemies and the environment
  • Increase your body count and kill with style to unlock more secret movies and attacks
  • Dramatic cut scenes produced at movie quality containing original animation from Yasuhiro Naito, the creator of the hit series TRIGUN
  • Flaunt your prowess as a perfect killing machine to collect over 70 3D virtual action figures
  • Full merchandising plans based on the game including action figures, plastic model kits, comic books and anime videos

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Imagine for a moment a game where you're control a guy who is quite literally a...

A fun fast paced shooter that absolutly makes almost no sense. You do such crazy damage. Gungrave PS2

My friend just recently let me borrow Gungrave. Watching him play for about half an...


The game had cool characters, Grave and the Villains, but the mindless repetitive...


Being a die-hard Trigun fanatic, I was long awaiting Gungrave's release before it ever...

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