Guilty Gear X2 brings back the characters from GGX, along with six new additions for a total of 20 fighters in all. The game will have deadly new moves for each fighter and additional special moves for returning characters, including an all-new Burst Gauge for tactical defensive maneuvers, along with three entirely new modes of play that build on the series' character and story driven action premise. Enhanced versions of GG trademarks such as the roman cancel and instant kill move return.


  • Six new characters, totaling an amazing 20 fighters in all!
  • Eight play modes, including new modes (Mission, Story and Gallery) that build on the series' story-driven action.
  • Electrifying new features and battle maneuvers, such as the all-new Burst Gauge, Bomber Attack, Aerial Throws and others.
  • Entirely new moves, improved fighting system and enhancements to trade mark Guilty Gear moves such as "dust attack"", "roman candle" and "instant kill".
  • Mind-numbing gameplay speed coupled with mind-blowing animation.
  • Amazing character design and premise from renowned artists Daisuke Ishiwatari.
  • Killer soundtrack, with numerous rock-and-roll and heavy metal references throughout the game.

Editor's Note:

Titled "Guilty Gear XX" in Japan.

Added on: October 18, 2002

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