Guilty Gear X, originally available as an import for the Dreamcast console, is being developed for PS2 and will be released in North America. The Japanese version of the game (Guilty Gear X Plus) will feature several enhancements made to this port, like a Gallery Mode featuring fanart, and more importantly 2 new characters from the first PSOne Guilty Gear: Cliff Underson and GG's final boss, Justice!


  • Visually stunning 2D fighter
  • Uncommonly speedy gameplay
  • Revamped tension gauge
  • Instant kill move
  • Create your own combos

Editor's Note:

Previously to be published in North America by Sammy Entertainment itself. The new features unfortunately will not be present in the North American release of the game; the NA version is essentially a carbon copy of the original DC version.

Added on: June 20, 2001

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Let me just say that I'm not a big fan of fighting games. Save for the Mortal Kombat...

I love GG. Intro of Dizzy. GuiltyGearXImport DC

Let me start out with Anji Mito! ^-^ He is hot....I like the fact that he doesnt have...


if you want a fast (and I mean REALLY fast) fighting game, then Guilty Gear X will...


If anyone says that this game sucks,imediately, kick them in their privates and call...

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