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Growlanser VI: Precarious World is the latest entry in the Growlanser series and a direct sequel to Growlanser: Heritage of War.

The Esgrenz continent mainly consists of three nations and a large company. In the southern part is Hingistan Kingdom where people are rebelling against the royal family.

The country in the west, Fomeros, sends troops to Hingistan to suppress the rebellions in the pretext of protecting the citizens but they are aiming for Hingistan's ore mines.

Across the ocean from Esgrenz is an isolated continent closed off by a barrier of light. This "scapegoat" island is aptly named Goatland.

Game Play

Growlanser VI: s the same engine and battle system as Growlanser V.


Like all Growlanser games, there is a "character creation" and party member relationship building. Many characters from GROWLANSER V make an appearance, including the previous protagonist, Zeonsilt, this time with a voice.

Hardware Info

Sony PS2 (Japanese region)

Official URL

Official site (JP).
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