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Gregory Horror Show is based on a Japanese anime of the same name. In this game you play as a kid who must escape from a haunted hotel, during the quest you need to collect souls in order to open new passage and advance to other sections of the hotel.


Your task is to traverse Gregory House and collect the lost souls that Death is looking for so he can send you home. Other guests hide the souls or carry them with them and you have to spy on the unsuspecting guests to discover their weaknesses and steal the soul when apropriate


  • Based on the new hit Japanese cartoon show.

  • More than a dozen of the strangest characters you've ever encountered.

  • A dazzling mix of action and puzzle-solving in this remarkable new game from Capcom.
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The game revolves around a boy or girl (depending on who you choose) who has stumbled...


You start the game wandering through a hazy forest and stumbling upon a strange hotel....

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