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Grand Turismo concept will not be a full-blown sequel. Instead the game will feature only a few vehicles, several less than in GT3. Among the cars included in the game are the 2003 Nissan Z, Toyota Soarer 430 SCV and the Mazda RX-8 among others.


  • Drive over 100 ready-tuned vehicles from Rally cars to Production cars and Concept to Dream cars

  • Race along rack from Toyko to Detroit to Geneva, including the Tahati Maze and Tokyo R246

  • Helpful track licenses to help you know the track and master the corners, with an additional Pace Car debut to Gran Turismo

  • Play solo or go multiplayer with an iLink and race up to 6 players

  • Dazzling graphics and real-time shadow cast that give the game looks and a great fee.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
110KB space minimum needed.
i.link compatible.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons
Vibration Function Compatible

Official URL

Official Site
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an alright game. was going to sell it but one reason stopped me: 10,000,000 credits AND all licences for Gran Turismo 3! GranTurismoConcept PS2

This was highly dissapointing, while the new cars and tracks were nice they weren't...


I think this game is only for the hardcore GT3 fans, i found it particularlly usefull...


A great game in the tradition of the much shout about GT3 A-spec. Graphic quality is...

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