Gran Turismo 3 A-spec GameShark Codes

Also see Cheats for more help on Gran Turismo 3 A-spec.

Master Code (PS2) North America Master

7602D040 00000000
F413BD26 B26405AE

This code will let you enter any other Gameshark codes for Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec.

Have 99,999,999 $ (PS2) North America

76071D40 00000000
25D01128 16F457BC
25435986 DEE55E9E

This code will give you a large amount of money in the game.

No Tire Wear (Simulation Mode) (PS2) North America

1D6E6A88 5AC227A5
1D6E6D2C 5AC227A5
1D6E6DD0 5AC227A5
1D6E6C74 5AC227A5

Create Porsche 911 in Garage Slot 2 (PS2) North America

1C041580 EDDDADD2
1C041584 E8A0CAE0
1C041588 1456EAC2
1C04158C 1456E7A8
1C041590 1456E7A5
1C041594 1456E7A5
1C04149C 9B648CC6
1C0414A0 1456F87B
1C0415A8 E80CE8F5
1C0415AC 9B648CC6
1C0415B0 A8ECA8F5
1C0415B4 9B648CC6
1C0415B8 40FB68F5
1C0415BC 9B648CC6
1C0415C0 DF4D88F5
1C0415C4 9B648CC6
1C0415C8 BF0B88F5
1C0415CC 9B648CC7
1C0415D0 077B48F5
1C0415D4 9B648CC7
1C0415D8 70DB68F5
1C0415DC 9B648CC6
1C0415E0 CF9B68F5
1C0415E4 9B648CC7
1C0415F8 079C88F5
1C0415FC 9B648CC7
1C041520 1456E7A5
1C041524 1456E7A5
1C041448 1456E7A5
1C04144C 1456E7A5

Max Series Points (PS2) North America

Only works in Simulation Mode.

0D6B32D8 1456E7A5
4D6B32D8 1456089C

Jump in Simulation Mode (PS2) North America

Press and hold L2 + X to jump in Simulation Mode.

0CB92B36 1456710C

One Lap Finish Race (Simulation Mode) (PS2) North America

0D6E6FBC 1456E7A5
3D6E6FBC 1456E7A7
3D6B3C7D 1456E7A8
3D6DC0A4 1456E7A8

Have 9999 Wins (PS2) North America

Use this code to automatically get 9999 race wins.

1C04111C 1456089C

Have 9999 Races (PS2) North America

Use this code to have 9999 races.

1C041114 1456089C