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Gran Turismo 3 features cars made up of 2,000 to over 4,000 polygons. The game delivers 10 times the graphic power of Gran Turismo 2. Fog and mist affect driving conditions while light and shadows affect road visibility and add an element of realism and visual appeal far beyond the previous Gran Turismo titles. Every car has been designed to spec right down to the unique engine sound


Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec puts you in the shoes of a professional race car driver as he progresses through his racing career. You'll be able to buy, sell, and trade from over 300 cars from nearly every single major car manufacturer in the world, such as Nissan, Toyota, and Dodge. Numerous parts and upgrades can be obtained from the car shop to increase the performance and handling of your vehicle. Once you have built your perfect car, you can choose from a selection of tracks to race upon. Many of them, like the Laguna Seca Raceway, are modeled after their real-life counterparts. The amount of laps and the types of cars you will race against depend on the difficulty you choose to race in. Beginner offers you a chance to get used to the controls and develop your driving skills. Intermediate is for those racers who have the basics covered and are looking for a challenge. Professional allows you to race against very skilled and talented racers that won't hesitate for a second to pass you up. Rally lets you race using specially designed cars that were built for racing on the dirt and gravel. Endurance races are the longest races of the game, usually lasting about 1-2 hours. Patience and determination are the key aspects needed to win these kinds of races. This game is also for two players, so get a friend and start your engines!


  • Features 187 fully licenced cars from Japan, Europe and the United States.

  • Features 20 tracks, and 36 in total including the reversed tracks. Also includes the real life Monaco and Laguna Seca tracks.

  • Supports i.Link multiplayer for up to six players.

  • Features 48 licence tests to push your driving skills to the limits.

  • All the cars have authentic engine sounds recorded by the Polyphony Digital team.

  • Features an extensive Simulation mode with 85 different race series across the Beginner, Amateur, Professional, Endurance and Rally leagues.

  • Features 2 player split screen head to head racing.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
260KB minimum space needed to save.
i.link compatible.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Editor's Note:

Recipient of an IGN.COM Editors' Choice Award.

Added on: June 14, 2000

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my brother loved this game back in the day GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
A racing game not as good as the NFS's ones but this one is normal nothing bad and nothing good just another driving game! GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
the soundtrack was awesome! and the Escudo PPV glitch where you went 2 147 483 648 km/h. major WTF moment there... also Daiki Kasho FTW!!! GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Pretty fun, though hard as all hell. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Annoyingly real racer game. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
This game is very good and i recommend it but the liscence part is hard. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Used to play it with my brother. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Very very deep, I played this for years until I mastered it. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
A very fun racing game. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
6/10 i prefer gt2 to be honest GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
Amazing Racing Game. Played so many hours. GranTurismo3Aspec PS2
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