Grandia Xtreme is a dungeon exploration game in the vein of Diablo and Evolution: World of Sacred Device that's far more battle oriented than previous Grandia games were. As a result, the unique battle system in the series is now more robust, as are the dungeon exploration elements.

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After playing Grandia 2, I was really excited about playing Grandia Xtreme.
While it...


It is the best game I have ever played. It goes on forever....


Decent Graphics. Dont expect the best graphics a PS2 game can give, but it does the...


They should have used someone elses voice for the main characters voice. This guy is...


Grandia Xtreme is a good game but it'll be better if they put more interesting and...


High adventure has always been a hallmark of Game Arts' role-playing games, but the...

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