You play as 16-year old adventurer Yuuki, along with the brother-sister sidekicks Alfeena and Emerius. The battle system will be similar to Grandia Xtreme as you will have a time bar but this time there will be real-time encounters.


  • Romp through vibrant and colorful fantasy locales and natural environments
  • Stunning cinematic sequences are animated by hand without the use of motion capture
  • Scan surroundings to look for search points or treasure chests
  • Ply the skies by plane to journey from one place to another
  • Use your sword in the "random encounter free" field to destroy objects or stun enemies before attacking
  • Seamless transition from field screen to battles with over-the-top animations
  • Semi real-time battle system allows for fast paced action and strategizing with a Command Wheel that breaks the RPG mold of typical command text windows
  • Perform and link up Aerial Combo attacks for massive damage
  • Multiple auto-battle settings for each character dictate fighting strategy in addition, utilize the Strategy Advice System for tips during critical moments in battle
  • Control conversation flow during special event scenes

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