It has been over 10,000 years since the battle of Light and Darkness has taken place, as the ground begins to tremble with the anticipation of the impending battle. Grandia II takes players into a world where the legends of good and evil must once again face each other in a timeless battle.


  • Groundbreaking Battle System requiring tactics, skill, timing and technique.
  • Beautiful 3D landscapes and environments and over 1000 characters to interact with.
  • A deep, rich and captivating storyline.
  • Easy-to-use interface catering to newcomers and hardcore RPG fans alike.

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Japanese mobile developer G-Mode announced CEO Takeshi Miyaji had passed away suddenly on July 29.  Miyaji was 45... posted Aug 01, 11 1:07pm

Breath of Fire III clone but still great fun Grandia2 DC
Nice storyline, good characters Grandia2 DC

Well, I never know how I'm going to rate something, and sometimes my ratings will...


When I seen the trailer for this game on the internet I could not wait to play Grandia...


Grandia 2
First of all...- *sigh* Another Dreamcast port to PS2? I bet that's what...


It's a great game and it is so worth buying. You should definitely pick this game up...


It is a very thourough RPG and worth at least thirty dollars. I haven't played many...


All I can say is this is a great rpg and it has very little in the way of bad points....


Overall, this was a pretty bad game. Almost a joke, really.
Ascetics: The characters...


This game is awesome, despite it's few problems.
It took me about 20 hours to fully...


This is the first Grandia game that I have tried.And I must say,Im impressed.Not only...


The good thing about it, is that the gameplay and battle system is easy to learn, and...

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