Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories GameShark Codes (PS2)

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Master Code (PS2) North America Master

76083D50 00000000
98306F19 782260BB

This code will let you enter any other Gameshark codes for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Refill Health (PS2) North America

76022470 00000000
2837B322 01153EE5
2837B376 B11B6965
2837B3E5 6D1B528B

This code will refill your health when damaged after every few seconds.

Infinite Money / Ammunition (PS2) North America

Infinite Money:
760C1310 00000000
28546766 1CD1A03E

This code will give you an infinite amount of money to purchase various items with.

Infinite Ammunition:
760B6070 00000000
2836E386 0CA57A65
2836E376 0CA57A65

This code will make it so that you never run out of ammo for your weapons.

Wanted Stars Modifier (PS2) North America

These codes will adjust your wanted stars. Only select one code at a time. The more wanted stars you have, the more police will chase you.

No Wanted Stars:
7607CFB0 00000000
28200FE9 6FD07A65
28200F65 6FD07A65
2820B676 6FA37A65
2820B6FF 6FC97A65

Always 1 Wanted Star:
76052380 00000000
28200FE9 6FD07A56
28200F65 6FD07A56
2820B676 6FA37A56
2820B6FF 6FC97A56

Always 2 Wanted Stars:
760A1E30 00000000
28200FE9 6FD07A71
28200F65 6FD07A71
2820B676 6FA37A71
2820B6FF 6FC97A71

Always 3 Wanted Stars:
7609A6A0 00000000
28200FE9 6FD07A0F
28200F65 6FD07A0F
2820B676 6FA37A0F
2820B6FF 6FC97A0F

Always 4 Wanted Stars:
76012770 00000000
28200FE9 6FD07A6F
28200F65 6FD07A6F
2820B676 6FA37A6F
2820B6FF 6FC97A6F