God of War GameShark Codes

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Master Code (PS2) North America Master

76026A20 00000000
770001CB 966DDCD5
980C9D66 78FBB0B3

This code will let you enter any other Gameshark codes for God of War.

Infinite Health (PS2) North America

7602D300 00000000
28632282 E1BF7A65

This code will give you an infinite supply of health, so that you will never faint.

Obtain all Magic/Moves (PS2) North America

760D6BA0 00000000
182A0445 0CA5883E

This code will make it so that all moves and magic will be learned on your character.

Final Boss Health Restore Code (PS2) North America

7600BEB0 00000000
D83557FB 0CA57C3E
28632282 4F837A65

Activate: L2 and R2

Press the two buttons above while battling the final boss to restore your health.