God of War Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Kirago Jan 1, 2011 None
WereJackal Mar 8, 2010 None
RizzyJay Feb 3, 2010 Amazing game to complete. The amount of details they put in the game is just phenomenal. Completed in 9hrs14mins in normal mode. Started it on 28/01/2010
edwardo316 Jul 2, 2009 i beat this game in 10-12 hours
a0mich Nov 21, 2008 i had a hard time in looking for Pandora's box..,. aNd i got really creeped out when i first met medussa and the girls flying around...... harsh.^^ and boy! was i annoyed dUring cLimbing somewhere in the Land of the Dead where thEre were spiKes on it! grrrrrhhh....!! well, in the end, god of war was a very tough,violent but yet interesting game to play....
CraZyBryaN Jun 11, 2008 None
lieutenant88pl Jan 1, 2008 None
supreme Jan 1, 2008 None
MrX867 Sep 10, 2007 None
Super_Matt Apr 11, 2007 im not quite sure hmm well it took me like 4 light days, well not 'light' like 3 hours a day? yer so all up like 10-12 hours. :) P:S this game is my new god, yer its awsome ill buy number two in a few days,i bought the game like a year ago and never got passed the hydra like a year ago, so yer... BUY iT! its gr8. and one final thing i think it is a ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!! to finish the first game b4 u start the god of war 2, thats my view. ....................MAtt
Just Mii Mar 13, 2007 None
Shadow XIII Mar 1, 2007 None
Stagnant_Progression Jan 15, 2007 Unlocked everything you can unlock when you beat the game in Normal mode. One of the best and most brutal action games I'v played. This game can be pretty hard too, some of the puzzles were sick.
Gotenks Jan 1, 2007 None
Dac Nov 14, 2006 beat every mode so far but god mode and beat the challenge of the gods
dmarie2101 Nov 1, 2006 --the first time. My best so far is 5:36 in normal.
Acid Rayne Aug 1, 2006 I suck badly at this game. The easy difficulty was hard to me >_< I still really like it, but God Mode is so far out of my league that it's not funny.
Nicholas II Jan 1, 2006 None
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 2006 None
Braden Jan 1, 2006 I completed the game twice; first on easy difficulty then on medium difficulty.
rusty knight Jan 1, 2006 None
Andy Jan 1, 2006 - Completed on Easy and Normal difficulty.
cjmnews Oct 1, 2005 None
ATOMIC BOY Oct 1, 2005 None
Dave Young Aug 31, 2005 i played this game all day and all night and it wasn't that easy!!! but i still love this game to death!!!
SS4Gogeta No completion date None
Sphinx No completion date None
Nicodm No completion date None
Hybrid No completion date Completed on Mortal (Easy).
Gemini19 No completion date All abilities maxed, both muse keys found and used, max health and magic, died three times, beat God mode, smashed both statues and called the 800 #.
c0m1ng 3vil No completion date None
Supa Saiyan Gogetta No completion date None
Orichaldagger No completion date None
Existence No completion date All difficulties, all challenges.
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
HomieLB No completion date None
J Bro No completion date None
god of power No completion date ti was super fun and cool!!!!!!!!!!
HatchetMan777 No completion date it was sweet!!!!
LEZARFD No completion date None
lil nudistgirl No completion date None
Aura No completion date None
Rellik75 No completion date None
Saevus No completion date None
billabong52 No completion date None
Shedevil No completion date None
Archangel No completion date None
Maximus 3 No completion date None
DragonOutlawKing No completion date None
Tidus Strife No completion date None