God of War is an action adventure game which launched the PlayStation-exclusive franchise featuring Spartan warrior Kratos as the main character. As Kratos, players will battle across multiple levels in ancient Greece against foes taken from Greek mythology.

Kratos is armed with dual blades which the player uses to execute a variety of deadly short-and long-range attacks using combos, which could lead to brutal finishing sequences performed using context-sensitive button inputs.

In addition to action, there is also an emphasis on solving puzzles throughout levels both to progress and to discover power-ups which increase Kratos' health and abilities.

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For anyone who hasn't played God of War and God of War II, bless your pitiful souls. These are... posted May 06, 14 12:21pm

awesome game still own it today one of my all time faviourte games defeating ares the god of war was so satisfying and it had a cool ending. GodOfWar PS2

Sony has announced three epic bundles that are in store to be released starting August 28, each for a mere... posted Aug 06, 12 9:30am

a game that took the world by surprize GodOfWar PS2

God Of War is one of those games that has always rubbed me the wrong way. It does a...


God Of War is often lauded because... well, it exists. That's how I'm seeing it,...

jaw droppingly amazing game. GodOfWar PS2

The weekend has just about begun, so allow us to send you off with this humorous video from YouTube user... posted Jul 23, 10 4:47pm

i can't find any cheats for give game GodOfWar PS2
working on challenge of the gods and god mode GodOfWar PS2
Was an Cool start to the cool series. Like that it was pretty easy GodOfWar PS2
fighting Ares and becoming the God of War!!!!! Awesome and challenging GodOfWar PS2
Greatest gaming breakthrough in history. Period. GodOfWar PS2
The Tycoon costume looks badass GodOfWar PS2
much action and alot of blood, very nice. GodOfWar PS2
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